Building Inclusion into Michigan’s Small Business Ecosystem

Connecting small and micro businesses to critical funding and resources.

In 2022, we strengthened and grew our capacity to support small businesses in our network, with a focus on providing technical assistance for capital acquisition.

Our team provided support and resources through a range of approaches, including one-on-one conversations, virtual workshops, and in-person events with service providers.

Building a more inclusive small business ecosystem, statewide.

In 2022, Global Detroit's small business team focused on connecting with partners to bring service delivery to underserved communities. Team members attended weekly meetings in Wayne County with the New Business Initiative and New Economy Initiative to advocate on behalf of their clients for system change and program improvements.

The team also worked with the New Economy Initiative to support a county-wide collaborative effort, aimed at building a system to track referrals and improve relationships between partners.

At the statewide level, the team convened partners from the State of Michigan ecosystem to build inclusion into small business services. These efforts resulted in changes to state legislation to fund the hub-spoke model for business service provisions in the state.

Additionally, Global Detroit partnered with a statewide initiative to codify micro business specifications into the State of Michigan laws. They also advocated for incentives and tax reductions to support entrepreneurs in launching their micro businesses.

Looking Ahead

Small Business Ecosystem

In 2023, Global Detroit will grow its efforts to promote inclusion in the small business ecosystem, across the state. This will include continued support for statewide initiatives by working directly with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), elected officials and other partners.
Support for Small Businesses

Global Detroit's small business team plans to expand its geographic service area to cover Southwest Detroit, including Cody Rouge and Warrendale. They will also strengthen existing relationships in East Davison Village, Banglatown, Hamtramck, and Detroit.

The team is focused on connecting business owners to resources for different stages of business development, including access to capital through banking workshops, business tax preparation, and one-stop-shop connections with various service providers. The team is also designing a program that specifically supports immigrant women in launching micro businesses, as a result of feedback from small business owners about their needs and challenges.

Learn more about Global Detroit’s work with small businesses  here.

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