DTE’s Energy Efficiency Assistance Program

Providing Critical Home Improvements in Detroit and Hamtramck Neighborhoods

The DTE Energy Efficiency Assistance (EEA) program allows low-income households to get free home energy efficiency upgrades that can help reduce their energy bills and environmental impact, and improve the quality of housing.

Global Detroit is one of DTE’s partners in delivering the EEA program within Detroit and Hamtramck neighborhoods. In 2021, our efforts were recognized with DTE’s All Star Award for being the top statewide performer in this program. Many of our clients live in immigrant rich neighborhoods, where our direct, multilingual outreach helps to expand access to this hugely beneficial program. 
By improving physical infrastructure and building home equity, the DTE EEA Program helps the city retain its workforce and tax base and contribute to shared prosperity.

2022 Program Impact

For many of our clients, the upgrades received through this program provide their only refrigerator or the home's first air conditioning system, substantially improving clients’ quality of life in their home.

In 2022, we processed 202 installations, representing a disbursement of $2,307,709 worth in home upgrades. The average value of improvements we installed per household in 2022 was $8,171.

Installations Completed in 2022

* Number of installations, totaling over 36,000 feet of ductwork.
** Health & Safety measures can be almost any irregular upgrade or repair that a home needs in order to install a traditional measure, e.g. to install attic insulation we have to repair the roof first.

In 2022, we facilitated installation of nearly 500 individual items or appliances, 36,000 feet of ductwork, and over 5,500 feet of insulation.

Looking Ahead

The DTE program demonstrates the immediate and positive personal effects of our work at Global Detroit. Old, inefficient appliances are swapped for newer and more efficient ones, saving consumers money on their energy bills. Home upgrades installed through the program are often worth thousands of dollars (over $8,000 on average, per household, in 2022), providing significant relief to households just above the poverty level.
Our participation helps incentivize those refugees and immigrants we serve to continue residing in Detroit and Hamtramck, enriching the area with cultural vibrancy, bolstering the workforce, and contributing to the municipal tax base.

We look forward to continuing this important partnership with DTE in 2023, making our clients more comfortable by improving the energy efficiency of their homes.

To learn more about the DTE EEA program, visit DTE’s website or contact Ed Slesak, Global Detroit’s DTE EEA Program Manager.

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